The BFA graduate collection designed, and made, by Isabelle Saxton.
Photography by Melissa Nyquist, unless otherwise stated.
For your viewing pleasure: A playlist which is embedded in the energy of this collection.
Please click here to view the inner workings and digital portfolio for The Impossible Dream.
My impossible dream is for everyone to be sustainable by choice, not by guilt tripping people into thinking that it's the best thing to do, so they do it for five minutes and then stop, but by educating them on the facts and allowing them to reconfigure their lifestyle to be more responsible socially and environmentally.
My mash up aesthetic comes from finding workwear in a scrap store and noticing the irony of them being the most attention grabbing things on the street yet when a passerby sees them, they look the other way, and pay them no attention. I think this same irony is happening with sustainability. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
I use deliberately provocative language to convey the urgency of the fight for the welfare of the planet.
Please find the Collection's Lookbook here; to request a copy of the Thesis Essay please contact me (a snapshot manifesto may be found here). 

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