Hello wonderful, my name's Isabelle Saxton. Since I have keen interests in designing for the circular and regenerative economies, adopting a planetary boundaries viewpoint, creating holistic strategies, and raising sustainability awareness, my work revolves around transitioning individuals (lifestyle) and businesses (especially in the design, fashion, textiles and land use industries) to more sustainable, regenerative, and/ or circular practices to protect and restore the earth's interconnected systems.

CV highlights
Harvard University ALM Master's Degree in Sustainability specifically in Corporate Sustainability and Innovation and Environmental Policy and International Development.
Rhode Island School of Design BFA in Apparel Design with a minor in Nature-Culture Sustainability & Science.
Founder, Global Sustainable Network: A compassionate sustainability strategy agency working with creative visionaries to tailor sustainability action plans and designer up-skilling programs.
Founder, FutureYard: A start-up working to create a hyper-local global network simplifying regenerating yard and green spaces by empowering people to increase native biodiversity, soil health, water conservation and carbon storage. 
Host, Sustainability Chats with Friends: A podcast diving into conversations with friends on sustainability topics that pique their interest.

To work together, connect about future projects or chat, please contact me. To be a part of the next Sustainability Chat with Friends, please complete this form!
Let's create a community that stands out for sustainability while pioneering solutions. ​​​​​​​
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